POLYSEMA MPEG-7 Video Annotator

The tool developed for annotating video files using the MPEG-7 MDS part and Semantic Web ontologies is available as open source software from SourceForge.net. Some screenshots can be seen below:

Video Summarization

A video summarization algorithm that creates informative trailers based on the video subtitles has been developed. A sample video can be found here (provided by Lumiere Cosmos Communications). The produced trailer can be found here.
Note: Due to the encoding scheme used, the videos are best displayed with the mplayer software.

Service Screenshots

Some screenshots of sample POLYSEMA services can be seen below:

  1. Displaying actor info (e.g., biography) from IMDB:

  2. Displaying alerts from registered RSS feeds:

  3. Displaying article extracts from WikiPedia:

Ontology Learning

In the context of POLYSEMA, an algorithm for ontology learning from video subtitles has been developed. A sample ontology may be found here. This ontology refers to the video (titled "The price of war") that can be downloaded from the Video Summarization section above.

Ontologies used for Semantic Video Annotation

MPEG-7 Multimedia Description Scheme (MDS) (OWL)

MPEG-7/TV-Anytime Genre Classification Scheme (OWL)

MPEG-7 Role Classification Scheme (OWL)

MPAA Parental Rating Classification Scheme (OWL)

Large Scale Concept Ontology for Multimedia (LSCOM) (OWL)

TV User Ontology (TVUO) (OWL)

POLYSEMA Service Ontology (OWL)

Demo wikipedia ontology (used for specification of allowed Wikipedia keywords) (OWL)

Demo IMDb ontology (used for specification of allowed IMDb actor names) (OWL)