POLYSEMA Project will contribute in the development of the necessary infrastructure for the operation of an intelligent multimedia gateway. Moreover, it will broaden the range of applications and facilitate the use of multimedia applications in residential environments. Main objective of the project is the systematic study of the iTV user requirements and the composition of modern technologies in order to provide innovative services. Any technological advances incorporated in the POLYSEMA platform will add value in user-perceived quality of interactive TV. The proposed solution will offer a high degree of interoperability among service providers and end-users, and will thus lead to the development of novel multimedia services and applications.

In the context of the project, there will be considerate effort in unifying the fragmented research in the area of residential multimedia technologies. The research will aim at developing appropriate infrastructure for processing semantically enhanced multimedia. POLYSEMA will support evolving ideas about the development of an advanced platform for interactive residential services, which in turn will contribute to the realization of the "smart home".