LCC Cosmos Communications S.A

LCC Cosmos Communications S.A. was founded in 2000, with perspective to develop activity, within the EU, in the area of subtitling and translation of films and television programs. LCC cosmos Communications S.A. is one of the greatest companies in multilingual subtitling. LCC is responsible for the translation and subtitling of several channels, such as Discovery Channel, BBC, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, National Geographic (Greek digital TV platform), Filmnet, Filmsat, Supersport (Greek pay-TV), LTV and Alpha (Cypriot pay-TV).

Role in POLYSEMA project:

LCC will provide the necessary digital video content and metadata for the evaluation of the prototype system. As a content provider, LCC will take part in the specification of system requirements, assessing which of them will add more value to the user experience. LCC, will observe the course of research and evaluate its results.

LCC Cosmos Communications S.A.:
Paulos Liasidis: pliassides[ΑΤ]